7 Step Checklist to Create a Six-Figure Coaching/Consulting Business!


Without having 100K+ followers on

YouTube or Instagram.



  1. Validate
    1. Is there a business need?
      1. Market research
    2. Do people value your expertise?
      1. Feedback


  1. Business Plan
    1. Clear Value Proposition
      1. Who is your Avatar customer?
    2. Purpose – Your Why
    3. Marketing Plan
      1. Price
      2. Promotion
  • Products
  1. Distribution
  1. Funding needed?


  1. Business Logistics
    1. LLC
    2. Website
    3. Automation
      1. Email
      2. Products
  • Calendar


  1. Establish Your Authority
    1. Books
    2. Surveys
    3. Magazine Articles
    4. Social Media
      1. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok
    5. Podcast
    6. TV


  1. Deliver Extreme Value
    1. Over deliver
    2. Change people’s lives


  1. Multiple Streams of Income
    1. Book
    2. Courses
    3. Products
    4. Tests/Assessments
    5. Coaching/Consulting


  1. Promote
    1. Referrals
    2. Online promotion
    3. Click funnels




7 Guiding Principles for Growth:


  1. Don’t Rush and Don’t Settle. Quality is more important than timeliness. I rushed to market with my first planner and it was a tough sell. I took my time and sought out customer and design expertise on the second version and it was a hit.


  1. Don’t Skip a Step (but you can work sequentially). You might be tempted to skip the planning process and move on to making your offer. I promise you it will cost you time and money later on.


  1. Bootstrapping Works (but not on your core offer). You don’t need to have the most expensive website or the most expensive microphone. Deliver quality without top expensive. For example, my first course was done by a video professional. My second course was done by me on my computer camera and was a bigger commercial success. They key was the content – not the picture.


  1. Over Deliver to your ideal customer. Every blog, every product, and every social media message speaks to your ideal customer. My most successful course was to millennials, and it was about their money. I knew exactly what 22- to 38-year-olds needed and worried about in their careers and with their financial security.


  1. Trust Building Online. The online business is unique in mass customer trust building. In Business-to-Business consulting/coaching, you deliver a pitch F2F. Then you need follow-up meetings to establish trust and close the deal. For online sales, you aren’t always 1-1 with your customers. So, everything you say and do online must build trust and deliver valuable insight to your ideal customer group.


  1. Current and Past Customers are the best source of Future Sales. This principle has proven accurate in both on-line sales and b2b consulting sales. Those who know you best are your best source of future sales.  Referrals from current or past satisfied customers short circuit the trust building and sales process.


  1. Use Experts to help you Grow. You might be tempted to try and do everything yourself and save money.  This will cost you money and credibility in the long-run. Find “the best” and most trustworthy people to help guide you through the 7 steps.  Find a website expert, a click funnel expert, a book editing expert etc.  All these experts can be found through your social networks or websites like guru.com. For example, I had a bestselling book inside of me but I was stuck in the writing process because I knew I wasn’t a good editor.  I hired a wonderful editor on Guru.com  (Marinanne Thompson) and the book took 80 days to write and finish.  Experts save you time and money in the long-run!


For more details, let’s talk and apply these principles to your business.

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Rick Heyland is the President of CI4life (Continuous Improvement 4 Life). Since 2018, he has been coaching and consulting online to small businesses and millennials. He is the author of the best-selling book: “Live Your Purpose: A Step-By-Step Guide to Living Your Best Life.” Previously, he was the COO of the Americas (North and South America) for RLG International. RLG is a productivity improvement (continuous improvement) consulting company that works with all major corporations in the energy business and other resource sectors. Rick led RLG through 5x growth during his last 10 years with the firm. He Has a proven track record in helping companies grow!