Rick Heyland

Rick Heyland wrote his purpose statement as a 26-year-old and has been perfecting his goal accomplishment system for the last 40 years. 

Rick is a successful consulting executive who loves living and managing his life by purpose, goals and effective stress management principles. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

He received his MBA from the Ivey Business School of in London, Ontario, Canada. Rick and his wife Cheryl have six children and 15 grandchildren and live in the Salt Lake City area.

Living by his Purpose statement and his goal achievement system, Rick has achieved success in all areas of his life. As the second largest shareholder of his management consulting company, (RLG International) he helped grow his company 100x over a 10 year period. 

Rick has run 14 marathons including qualifying and running in the 2003 Boston Marathon. Together with his family, he recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa.  He loves striving for peak performance in order to accomplish his work, financial, spiritual, relationship, mental and physical/health goals.

After retiring RLG International, he started a coaching company, CI4life (Continuous Improvement 4 Life), to help others achieve their goals and dreams. He also has a CI4life podcast with over 60,000 downloads and is ranked in the top 2.5% of all podcasts. Go to http://www.ci4life.org for more details and insights on how to live your best life and grow your company.

Rick has written 3 books:

1. Live your Purpose- a step by step guide to living your best life

2. The Truth about being a RainMaker- 7 principles for Sales Excellence

3. Live your Best Life Planner- A comprehensive planning system to maximize your effectiveness

Darren Haslam is one of Rick’s Coaching clients, here is what he had to say:

Rick has coached me along my new career as a sales rep for a steel manufacturing company. He was able to help me see sales in a positive, not so stereotypical negative light that sales tends to have and really helped me focus in on the lead indicators and strategies. 

He was able to increase my sales productivity exponentially. I highly recommend Rick if you’re looking to expand your sales vision and focus in on the numbers that matter and make you the best return on your efforts.

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