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Personal Development

I already have Purpose. Do I really need to develop a purpose statement?





Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about developing a purpose statement.



  1. Why do I need to have a purpose statement?


  1. What makes up a good purpose?


  1. I have my daily plan/activities that bring me daily purpose.


  1. I am a father/mother and that gives me purpose. I don’t need another purpose.


  1. I believe in the afterlife. That is my purpose.


  1. I have a job/career that brings me purpose.



  1. Why do I need a purpose statement?


I have found over a dozen research studies that list the benefits of living with purpose. The benefits include a longer life, less hospital time, more fulfillment, an improved psychological response to setbacks, and being happier.


When setbacks and discouragement happen, it gives you Your burning why. That helps you to carry on. Having a purpose statement in writing gives you a reference point to go back to when you are at key decisions in your life. Here is a link to one study:


  1. What makes up a good life purpose statement?


A good life purpose is one that brings meaning to you. It should inspire you. It should give you direction on what projects/experience to say yes to and what activities to say no to. It is not a career or hobbies. A good life purpose identifies how you want to bring your best self every day. A life purpose can be enhanced from time to time over the years, but applies to all of your roles and your whole life.


  1. I have my daily plan that brings me daily purpose.


Yes, that is true. I call this small “p” purpose. Daily planning is a great way to have the benefits of purpose. A way to tap into even greater large “P” purpose is to set an overriding priority, focus, and values for your life. This overriding large “P” purpose gives you direction so that you know the best things to be planning daily. What if you came to the end of your life and found you were focused on the wrong priorities and that you didn’t respond to life experiences with the values you had hoped? Make sure your compass is pointed in the right direction when you plan your day. Choose the very best activities, not just busyness.


  1. I am a father/mother and that gives me purpose. I don’t need another purpose.


Yes, agreed. There is tremendous purpose that comes from being a parent. The sense of responsibility and purpose is great. Let’s delve deeper though. What happens when your kids move out? What will your purpose be? Isn’t your purpose bigger than your kids? Another question: How do you bring your best self to parenting? Answer: Being purposeful, Being intentional. Having an overriding purpose statement allows you to articulate How you want to be the best parent.


  1. I believe in the afterlife. That is my purpose.


Yes, and if eternal life is your goal and purpose, how do you plan to accomplish it? How do you bring your best self in order to achieve this goal? That is what an overarching purpose statement does for you. How can I bring my best self to my everyday living in order to accomplish my eternal goal?


  1. I already have a great career that gives me purpose. Isn’t that enough?


Yes, and then what happens after you retire? How do you want to act and behave inside of your purpose? A purpose statement gives you a reference point to go to when you retire. It also tells you how to act and respond while you are working in your wonderful career.




The big question is how to develop a purpose that can help you with all your roles and goals.


  1. The Triple 7 process. Go to and find a free pdf on how to develop your purpose.
  2. In Chapter 4 of my book, “Live Your Purpose-A Step by Step Guide To Live Your Best Life”, You will find the Triple 7 process in Chapter 4. You will also see how to connect your goals and daily activities to your purpose.
  3. New Piecemeal technology. I can send daily audio coaching notes to your phone that can help you clarify your purpose in 7 days. It can be found at:



Good luck on your journey to clarify and focus on bringing your best self to your everyday life.



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