Meditation App Comparison: Which App Is Best?

When you’re consistently living a busy lifestyle, you become vulnerable to burnout. I’ve found that taking a few minutes every day to relax and meditate helps maintain peace of mind.

When you’re pushing yourself to accomplish goals and achieve success, the last thing you want to do is get worn out and unmotivated. 

Usually I’d recommend taking a break from technology. However, some apps can help lead you in daily meditation and bring peace to your mind. I’ve been a fan of the app 10% Happier for a while and wanted to find out if there’s something better. 

(Note: I recommend reading my blog about renewal practices that help you reset when your high-performance lifestyle causes stress.)

What is the best app to use to quiet your mind? Taking the time to quiet our mind is a key that helps accomplish our dreams and aspirations. I tried out three different meditation apps to find out which one is the best. 

I compared the features, pricing, and pros and cons of each app—10% Happier, Calm, and The Mindfulness App

Here’s the quick side-by-side comparison:

10% HappierCalmThe Mindfulness App
Free Trial7 Days7 Days7 Days
Pricing$99/year $70/year$59/year
Key ContributorsDan Harris and other top meditation expertsTamera LeavittMartin Wikfalk
Special ContributorsDaily Covid-19 3 p.m. meditationsLebron James discussing an Intro to Mental FitnessA plethora of contributors
Special FeaturesWeekly podcastRate your mood feature and daily gratitude listLibrary filled with premium meditations and courses
Favorite FeatureBreadth of topics and teachersDaily calm meditation to do first thing in the morning on different topicsWide variety of topics and teachers
Least FavoriteHigher cost and Dan’s podcasts can be too longNothingThe app isn’t as well organized and it’s rating system isn’t as useful as Calm
Overall Value Rank8/1010/106/10

Comparing these meditation apps was very enjoyable for me. I got to listen and learn from the best mindfulness teachers and practitioners over the last month. 

Full disclosure: I came into this analysis as a long-time 10% Happier supporter. I came out with a clear decision that Calm is the meditation best app. Tamera’s early morning 10-minute Daily Calm messages are fantastic, and I learned something new every day. 

I found that every day was refreshing and helpful. Today’s topic was on change, and yesterday was on acceptance. Tamera’s voice is calm and soothing, making it a relaxed early morning listen. 

I especially like Calm’s rating systems. You can rate your mood at any time throughout your day, and then Calm will recommend which meditation to listen to. This simple, AI-based feature is a game-changer. I also love using the daily gratitude reminder in the morning and at night. 

The icing on the cake for me was listening to Lebron James and his mental fitness messages. 

You can sign up to start using your Calm meditations for free today.

Summary and Next Steps

Meditation is an important part of a healthy high-performance lifestyle, along with regular exercise, prayer/study, and gratitude lists. These are fundamental behaviors for a sustainable high-performance lifestyle. 

Read this blog on the entire formula for sustainable performance excellence.

You can also connect with me for a free coaching consultation.

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