The Happiness Trap

By Russ Harris

This book explains why so many people are stressed and unable to accomplish a fulfilling, happy life. Most importantly, the book teaches how they can change that.

This is a personal favorite that I recommend in many of my posts and to many of my clients. 

Order a copy on Amazon.

One Small Step Can Change Your Life

By Robert Maurer, Ph.D.

This is a fantastic book to understand how the mind works to advance you towards your goals.

Dr. Maurer has been a guest on my podcast.

This book was rated among Google’s Top 100 books to read.

Order a copy on Amazon.

Leading with Gratitude

By Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

This book has great gratitude ideas for your life and business.

Order your copy on Amazon.


Weekly Game Plan

A weekly planning tool to help you identify your weekly activities to accomplish your long-term roles and goals.  The weekly tracking sheet tracks the % complete as the week goes along. The tool also has spots for your mission statement and long-term goals.


Meditation App

Calm was the best meditation app I found from my review of several meditation apps.

“Whenever I’m having trouble calming my mind, I pick a story and I’m asleep in minutes.” – Amanda K.

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