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Ed and Carla de Palezieux

On Nov 22, 2021, at 11:06 AM, Edmond de Palezieux <> wrote:
 My wife Carla is the biggest user of the CI4life Journal/planner. She appreciates having an relatively open ended journal that focuses on positive aspects of her life like gratitude and learning. She also uses it for her planning. She could not think of any changes to the book and is looking forward to getting another journal.


It is important to have a coach and mentor that has walked the talk. I happen to know, that Rick Heyland fits that pre-condition. He’s not only lived, and personally amassed all the advice and concrete practical aspects you will gain from working with him but he’s a great teacher too.

If you’re serious about putting in the effort for your personal gain, you will benefit from this unique coach and mentor and this rare opportunity.

— Steve Barnes, Former IKEA Executive


I have known Rick for more than 10 years now, and he’s played a very positive and influential role in my life. I’ve seen him provide outstanding leadership to circles large and small. He has been a trusted mentor and coach that I can rely on for strategic guidance in many areas of my life, and he does so with both tenacity and care. He motivates and elevates those around him as they pursue growth and purpose in their personal and professional lives.

Andrew Clark

Millennial and Cloud AWS Consultant


For the past 10 years, Rick has mentored and coached me into the thriving business owner I am today. He cares about my successes personally and professionally. His teachings are effective and relatable and I recommend him to everyone!

Jill Seraphina

Millennial and President of Vibes of Light


Awesome article. I liked the idea of “sustainable” renewal activities. Great insights.

L. Nickel

Have to admit, I got a little lost-sidetracked there for a bit with Covid worries (financial, family, routines or lack of) and this blog brought me back. Now to remember to incorporate and continue these good habit tips. Thank you!!

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