What are the reasons seen for drop in sales performance of sales teams now-a-days?  The majority of reasons include difficulty in unqualified leads, reaching target or goal, missed opportunities, unable to negotiate, etc. Due to this, organizations are increasingly opting to go for Sales Coaching – for their Sales Teams and Business Development Managers. 
How Sales Coach assist the client?

The procedure of coaching for improving the sales performance is personalized and focused on behaviours, skills and techniques instead of the numbers. This process is based upon the salesperson’s daily targets and routine. Moreover, Sales Coaching is more of an act of enhancing the coaching ability of the Sales Managers. And thus, it’s also called the new sales management, which assists in promoting an individual’s development, improving the job performance and reducing unnecessary learning time.  Sales coaching assists in retaining top performers, helping the high performing sales reps become more effective and successful.

By Sales coaching, sales reps get a medium to adopt the best known practices and strategies in sales for greater effectiveness.  It also helps in reducing high attrition rates usually seen in sales teams.  With the help of a Sales Coach, learning becomes continuous and retention becomes higher for the sales team. Sales Coaching also focuses on building relationships within the sales team, ultimately resulting in an increase in the overall sales performance. This way, Sales coaching is not just a one-time effort.  Although, the initial coaching process can be either time bound, it provides continuous ongoing support to the sales professionals.

The roles and responsibility of a sales coach is not to be directive or commanding but be a resource that helps the trainees to build up insights and come up with their own action points. Sales Coaches also engage with the Sale Managers to use the existing data from CRM or Sales Lead Platforms, aligned to achieve the sales targets, so that they can work on the areas required for improvement. At Exeo, the coaching process differs at various levels for a sales team.  For example, for a Sales Manager, our Sales Coaches focus upon strategic sales, account management, sales leadership management, etc.  On the other hand, for sales reps, our focus is on initial selling skills, which include behaviors and process behind achieving actual sales numbers.

Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about our coaching journey for sales teams, the assessments we use in Sales Coaching process and other details.

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