CI4Life Journal

CI4Life Journal

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Plan your best life

$39.99 + tax

Smooth Matte Flex Perfect Book – Seminar Pad

Complete with sections for:

Purpose statement


Action plans for goals

Each day has space for:

Gratitude and Learnings

Plan of the day


Tired of not achieving your Goals and Dreams.  Use this tool to execute on your goals and dreams. Plan your Best Life today!

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Dimensions 13.97 × 21.59 × 3.81 cm

2 reviews for CI4Life Journal

  1. Brookston Jeppson

    This journal had the perfect balance of structure. It does not over-engineer things. I love the simple reminder to record gratitude and learnings as well as plan the next day. These two prompts are all I need to create the snowball effect of success day by day. The journal itself also looks and feels great!

  2. rick heyland

    On Nov 22, 2021, at 11:06 AM, Edmond de Palezieux wrote:
     My wife Carla is the biggest user of the CI4life Journal/planner. She appreciates having an relatively open ended journal that focuses on positive aspects of her life like gratitude and learning. She also uses it for her planning. She could not think of any changes to the book and is looking forward to getting another journal.

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